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Julie Henson is not just an executive performance coach and business development leader—she is a transformative influencer who has reshaped the trajectories of executives, lawyers, and athletes over her illustrious 25+ year career.

Known for her prowess as a culture ignitor, Julie takes a direct, empathetic, and holistic approach to growth and development, leaving an immediate impact that resonates throughout organizations and ultimately drives revenue.

Julie's diverse experience as an athlete representative, business development strategist and Chief Client Officer for an AmLaw 100 firm, equips her with a unique set of consulting skills to unlock any leader or organization.

Are you ready to level up with a realistic and actionable plan that maximizes your full potential?


✶ Client Development | Cross Investing

✶ Relationship Building | Internal & External

✶ Client Audit Program

✶ Communications

✶ Business Development | How to Scale

✶ Client Feedback Interviews

✶ Strategic Planning

✶ Culture Operating Strategy Program

✶ E3 Assessment Tool

✶ Leadership Development | Collaboration

✶ Self-Awareness | Feedback

✶ Legacy | Succession Planning

✶ Time Management

✶ Lateral Integration

✶ M&A | Change Management

✶ Client Experience

✶ Crisis Behavior

✶ Executive Development



In our coaching, we emphasize a holistic perspective, recognizing that success extends beyond professional achievements. By meeting clients where they are, we create a personalized roadmap for transformation that aligns with their values, aspirations, and challenges - both personally and professionally.

We guide leaders and organizations to unlock their full potential and redefine success in ways that resonate far beyond the boardroom. It impacts culture and revenue.

Whether guiding athletes to peak performance, attorneys to legal excellence, or executives to strategic leadership, we believe in cultivating an environment that supports the whole individual. This commitment to holistic development is the cornerstone of our coaching philosophy, enabling clients to not only achieve their goals but to flourish at a profound and lasting level.

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Impact Program | Legal

Business Development Coaching for Growth

At Henson Advisors, we work with attorneys to drive results and continually improve attorneys’ ability to serve as trusted growth advisors to their clients through high performance business coaching. We meet people where they are and bring out their best - developing rising stars into rainmakers and rainmakers into leaders. We understand that every attorney’s path to success is unique and design our programs based on 25+ years of experience and results.

This program empowers attorneys to cultivate daily habits and a client-focused mindset, driving client growth and revenue increase. Participants will acquire essential business development skills and tools to foster relationships and expand their book of business. With a focus on client-centricity, they'll gain confidence in networking, cross-investing, and practice growth, while learning to be proactive and adaptable in navigating a dynamic and competitive legal market.

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We Develop Rising Stars into Rainmakers and Rainmakers into Leaders

Impact Program

Areas to Explore

  • Goal Setting and Strategic Planning: Establishing clear objectives and crafting a roadmap for success.
  • Feedback and Self-Awareness: Embracing feedback as a catalyst for growth and fostering self-awareness to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Client Relationship Building: Techniques for cultivating strong, lasting connections with clients.
  • Networking Mastery: Strategies for effective networking and relationship building within and beyond the legal community.
  • Cross-Investing and Upselling: Leveraging existing client relationships to expand service offerings and increase revenue.
  • Time Management and Productivity: Tools and tactics for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in daily tasks.
  • Confidence Building: Overcoming self-doubt and developing the confidence to pursue new opportunities.
  • Adaptability and Change Management: Navigating shifts in the legal landscape and staying ahead of industry trends.
  • Communication Skills: Enhancing verbal and written communication abilities to convey value and build rapport.
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making: Developing a strategic mindset to make informed decisions that drive growth.
  • Leadership Development: Cultivating leadership qualities to inspire and motivate teams toward collective success.

E3 Assessment

When appropriate, we leverage the E3 Assessment tool, powered by Behavioral Essentials, in our coaching process to boost awareness of a person’s strengths and highlight potential opportunities for growth. It is an effective, yet simple, scientifically-developed assessment that measures 21 core behavioral tendencies, motivators, and values of an individual.

The E3 is based on adjective checklist methodology for behavioral testing that was established as a valid and reliable methodology in the 1950’s & 60’s, and has been tested with thousands of companies. Adjectives are used because they represent an individual’s preferences more accurately than statements or questions.

Impact Advisors

Ben Utecht | Chief Culture Officer

If you want a commanding corporate presence to inspire, teach, and coach how to build world championship organizational culture, look no further than NFL Super Bowl Champion Tight End and Chief Culture Officer Ben Utecht.

Ben is the recipient of the prestigious NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy’s “Uncommon Leader Award“ for his leadership performance both on and off the NFL football field.

After retiring, Utecht has built a significant career in speaking and corporate leadership, including his role as the Chief Culture Officer for True North Private Equity and owner of Conquer Ninja Gyms. He also partners with Behavioral Essentials, a technology company that helps in talent acquisition and leadership development through customized behavioral assessment results and benchmarking.

Culture Operating Strategy

Complete the Culture Operating Strategy 6-step program to define your company's non-negotiable values and beliefs and ensure alignment within your executive leadership team.

The Culture Operating Strategy Program launches with a keynote delivered by Super Bowl Champion, Ben Utecht, followed by an executive offsite, assessments, individual coaching, and the creation and launch of a culture creed for your company.

Client Impact

Ann Rainhart | Chief Operating Officer | Fredrickson & Byron

Julie’s distinctive coaching approach of practicality, tough love and a splash of creative charm will change your life. Set a bold business goal, financial goal or personal goal and work with Julie. Your goal will become your reality.

Kristine McKinney | Chief Operating Officer | Fish & Richardson

Julie’s unique experience in sports management and large law firms contribute to her ability to push high-achieving professionals to be their best. She takes the time to learn the needs of her clients and provides them with motivation and action-oriented insights. I highly recommend Julie at Henson Advisors.

Sarah Tallackson | Sr. Director of Sales | Coty

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Julie! I am fortunate to have her as my coach and support as I lead within the beauty industry. Julie will bring an immeasurable benefit to any organization. She has deep knowledge in the legal space but also within philanthropy and leadership. Julie’s growth mindset, EQ, and creative problem solving skills would be an asset to any team across all industries.

Janica Pierce Tucker | Partner in Charge | AmLaw 100 Firm

Julie is a great connector. She listens intently and then puts her network to “work”. She takes a strategic approach to personal and professional growth. She also has the ability to think “outside the box” and creatively that ultimately leads to growth, relationships and success.

Dana Gray | Chief Talent Officer & Inclusion Officer | Fish & Richardson

Julie’s holistic approach to relationship development and coaching is a game changer. She shines in her ability to understand people and their individual motivations to turn ideas into action. Julie is a trusted resource who will guide you to achievement and results.

Darla Mears | Chief Customer Officer | Kodiak Cakes

Julie Henson is amazing at distilling down your opportunities and helping you in practical ways to see your full potential. She is truly one of the best.

Jamie Erickson | Partner | AmLaw 100 Firm

The coaching that I have received from Julie of Henson Advisors has been nothing less than life-changing. Julie has a truly unique and exceptional talent that allows her to see the big picture and frame it into a clear perspective that lights the path toward success. She is encouraging, thoughtful, and an invaluable resource at pivotal moments in my career. She offers practical advice and strategies to set things into motion. It is a privilege to work with her and I will continue to use her as a resource throughout my career.

Managing Director | Financial Industry

Julie engaged with me on strategic planning work. She knew just what questions to ask to guide the process and get to the heart of our team’s values and vision. She is an excellent and culture forward coach that can help you move your business forward. She remains a key member of my personal board of friends and advisors today.

Kerri Chace | Sr. PR Manager | McDermott Will & Emery

Julie understands the direct relationship between leadership culture and the bottom line. A unicorn in the corporate world, she navigates challenges with grace and grit to help high-achievers become the best version of themselves. Every business leader needs a “Julie.”

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